What is Best Baby Monitor and how does it compare with regular baby monitors?

Best Baby Monitor is the ultimate babysitting assistant app. The child device is left with your baby in order to capture the audio and other devices are kept with the parents, nanny or anyone who is currently looking after the baby. And best of all? No special equipment needed apart from your phone or tablet!

What devices and operating systems are supported?

Best Baby Monitor is available on all major platforms – iOs, Android and Windows. You can combine devices across platforms to suit your family’s needs.

How do I start monitoring?

Create a Family account. Then log in using your name and password on two or more devices, choose Parent Unit on one and Child Unit on the second, and you’re good to go.

How to play songs and lullabies to my baby?

Best Baby Monitor allows you to play songs that are locally stored in your Music app on your Child Unit device.

How to turn on video monitoring?

Simply tap on the symbol of the camera. You can then choose between the front camera and the back camera.

How can I listen to my baby while monitoring?

Just tap on the symbol of headphones!

How can I connect my devices when they’re not connected to the same network?

If your devices are not connected on the same Wi-Fi, don’t worry! You can use Cloud Connection. Subscribe to use our cloud server and combine networks to suit all your needs. It’s easy, extremely reliable and reconnects automatically.