Making parenting easy

Parenting is a tough job and we feel that all parents deserve a break from time to time. Because if you’re well rested and satisfied, you give more to your children. So turn on Best Baby Monitor and enjoy the well-deserved time alone or with your partner while your baby is a few taps away on your phone.


Make use of your old devices

We all have that one drawer in our house filled with phones and tablets that are just a little outdated. Best Baby Monitor is the perfect solution! Use your old phone, tablet or computer for baby monitoring and find use for those devices.


Get the app now

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Choose your platform and watch your baby anywhere you go.

Download for your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch


Download for your Mac OS X


Download for your Android, Android Wear, Google Chromebook


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Multi-child & multi-parent

Monitor up to 4 children at the same time from an unlimited number of Parent Units.  The possibilities are endless.

Cloud Connection

Use the app without limits on your Wi-Fi or buy our subscriptions for cloud connection to use the app on different networks or two different Wi-Fi.

Live video

Watch your baby from wherever you are with full-screen video. You can either use the front or back camera and also the nightlight feature.

Apple Watch

Best Baby Monitor is Apple Watch-compatible. You no longer have to take out your phone to see what your baby is up to, now you can easily monitor your baby with just a glance at your wrist.

Encrypted connection

Your little one is definitely safe with us, we take security and privacy of your family very seriously. All communication between devices is securely encrypted.

Battery alert

Always know about the battery status on both of your devices. Best Baby Monitor alerts you when the battery level drops below a set level.

Soothe your baby

Easily talk or sing to your child by pressing the microphone button. Best Baby Monitor lets you soothe your baby easily without even having to get up.

Easy to use

Watch your baby’s activity through the waveform and activity log. Setting Best Baby Monitor up is easy too – just create a Family Account and log in your devices.

Use your old device

Turn your old phone, tablet or computer into the perfect babysitting assistant and watch your baby wherever you are. Put your old devices to good use!

User reviews

Soothe your baby

Cheaper than conventional baby monitors. And definitely worth it! Even with poor internet connection, it works very well. And when the connection is interrupted, you are immediately alerted.

Amazing app

This app works great for me, never had a problem. The video is an awesome feature!

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